Bad plan

Bad plan: Going off meds

Worse plan: Not being able to see doctor again until April 25th

Good plan: Call an bother office staff for a sooner appointment

Better plan: Cry about it

Best plan: Call and scream at insurance because yelling at someone will most likely make me feel better right?

Plan I wish I could do but wont: Eat entire container of full fat Thin Mint ice cream and wallow in dispare

Plan I will probably follow: Eat stupid celery and ranch while wallowing in self pitty

Plan I wish I could follow: Go home, drink wine while eating ice cream

Plan I guess I have to follow: Go to the stupid gym and try not to scowl at all the asshole size 0000 girls there whining about their 1 pound weight gain

Plan I will probably follow: Go to stupid gym and scowl at stupid girls anyway then try and hide in my book long enough for them to finish their exercise and hurry home to puke up their water and four saltine crackers


So yeah.  Mildly cranky today.  No I don’t have a reason why.  No I don’t care.  No I don’t want to talk about it.  No nothing is wrong, went wrong, will go wrong I’M JUST IN A BAD FUCKING MOOD.



PS.  If any of you were wondering if my family stopped being retarded and magically got better the answer is no.  They got more retarded, and they picked a bad time to do it.  Family + acting stupid + Shannon not on meds = you would rather be in hell with the cast of Jersey shore then deal with me right now.

3 thoughts on “Bad plan

  1. Just wanted you to know I am thinking about you. I tried to go off mine last summer and ended up being a total bitch to my mother-in-law. She is amazing and I apologized and explained and she still loves me, she is awesome. But I do feel for you. It isn’t an easy thing and I hope that your day gets better! Probably not something you want to hear but the exercising will put out those endorphins and that is supposed to make you feel better! Keep your chin up!


  2. Once the going off meds happens its just a big cascade…and the rest is sort of inevitable. Ive been there.
    Honestly, its a tough go when that happens… and going off meds always makes sense at the time. It does to me anyway – except in hindsight. Hang in there


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