I want money, a whoooole lotta money

So.  GInger donated to my Fight for Climb this morning.

She then proceeded to clown on me for how little money I have received. Following that she said, and I directly quote, "you would think your blogger buddies would pony up."

And I said that my blog buddies were totally being assholes and not donating and she said, "call them on it, i bet some of them will step up when you start calling them weenies!."

Yup you read right. Ginger called you all WEENIES. 

Is that really what this has come to?  Do I have to call you all weenies to get some cash out of you?  For now, Ginger is the only one slinging names, so hurry up and donate that dollar or two before I have to pull out the big guns.  Because you know, my name calling involves four letter words, not niceties like "weenie."

Here is the link


Now go, run.  Why are you still here?

Stop reading.

Your still here.


4 thoughts on “I want money, a whoooole lotta money

  1. Shannon hun, I will donate a few dollars when I get my paycheck Monday- since I had no vision insurance my glasses cost me $300.00 bucks and cleared out my bank account end of this month can’t even get myself a gallon of milk until Monday too! Sad! 😦


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