5 thoughts on “Sticky note Tuesday

  1. OK so get this, my newest dilemma. Our new insurance that the school dist opted for does NOT cover my lexapro, the med I have been on for almost two years and works fabulously for me. Apparently I have to pay $117.00 a month if I want to continue to take it. So now i have to figure out an alternative because the insurance I pay a shit ton for won’t cover name brands without generics. EFF ME! I know you’ll understand.
    PS you are the bomb with your pink hair.


  2. OMG! I can’t believe they didn’t come with straws. That would’ve pissed me off. Small thing, but still.
    4 weeks for anything is a long frickin time.
    And I love your hair. I wish I could pull it off.


  3. Gah! No straws? what is up with that? And DOUBLE your money – damn, I needed that kind of customer service when I opened a box of reynold’s parchment paper (broke the seal) and there’s NOTHING inside the box. They simply sent me a coupon for a new roll free.


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