I keep everything.  By everything I mean EVERYTHING. The old calendars from my date books, letters, notes, you name it I have it.  I’ll be the first to admit I cried a lot of tears over guys in high school BUT I’ll also admit there is a reason they used to call me heartbreaker.  I wasn’t always the fat crazy (maybe was crazy) girl I am now.  I used to be pretty hot.  I was just going through some pictures and I came across a ton of love letters from guys.  The humorous part is how many of them talk about loving me after I’d only known them for a week or so.  The extra funny part is how many of them are dated in the same week but from different guys.  I was kind of a player.  

I was thinking about posting some of these guys love letters.  They are hilarious, but, I’m not sure if that would piss my husband off or not.  There are so many things I did from the time I was about 16 until I was 19 that a lot of people don’t know about.  There are guys that some of my best friends only just found out about.  Or stories of my cheating ways that are slowly coming out.  Going through all of this stuff should make me feel bad but really, it makes me laugh and at the same time it makes me smile.  I had some pretty fucking awesome years when I was younger.  I’m not just finding pictures of guys, but nights out.  They are so funny to me because unless you were there you would never know why that picture is so funny.  Like the picture of my friend and I at the Nugget splitting an ice cream sunday, that doesn’t seem funny to you, but if you knew how totally stoned we were and how long we searched for that ice cream sunday, the picture is much funnier.  I’m going to dig around in them and think about this, what is your opinion, should I do it or not?


2 thoughts on “Heartbreaker

  1. Married 21 years and I just keep mine right where they are. I come across them once in a while and remember the times.
    Kind of like that Kid Rock song All Summer Long he just remembers that summer and you know the rest of the song. I think leave them but you have never listen to me be for so don’t think you will start now.


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