5 thoughts on “Shannon gets in trouble…also, why the winner hasn't been announced yet

  1. I am not really sure what you are talking about, but I had to comment on your video. You sound much nicer and sweeter than I had imagined. I expected to hear the F-bomb at least a few times.


  2. I never understood that rule. I guess it is for $$$$$ reasons–aren’t they always!
    There is ANOTHER way for an out …. you can start up a review blog and have it linked from your blog for FREE 🙂 and do all of the stuff you want over there!
    meanwhile…keeping my fingers crossed in CT! And LOVED the video post!


  3. As Aimee said – just start a blog at misguidedmommygiveaways.blogspot or wordpress or whatever and then tell us “Hey – there’s a giveaway! Go here to enter” This is what many BlogHer bloggers do.


  4. That sucks, but you will need to just start a free blog that you can link to for giveaways. Don’t mess up the relationship with BlogHer. Not worth it. Readers will stay loyal. Shut it down and redo it at a later date with the new blog link. Maybe do a double giveaway when you do?


  5. I would not have know that policy existed. It sucks! What did you end up doing?
    I like the sign when you mentioned the Miley movie! LOL!
    You are adorable! I love the vlog!


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