Let's have a giveaway ($60.00 value)

 Recently I was contacted by a company called ******* asking if I would like to do a review or give away.  I browsed around there store and I was dumbfounded by all of the things they had.  Bar furniture, kids things, kitchen stuff, purses ugggg the list went on.  I had to close it when I got to the kid section because I started getting caught up in things like this (I don’t even like bunk beds), and this (TRIPLE BUNK BEDS WHO KNEW!!!)  I got out of there and some how stumbled into housewares which somehow led me to the recycling bin area where I saw this..Just what I’ve always wanted a trash/recycle bin for my kitchen. I headed over to the hand bag area and that is when I found this ridiculously cute diaper clutch.  Right about then I knew I had to stop browsing because I DON’T USE DIAPERS MY KIDS ARE POTTY TRAINED!  I had all but made up my mind that I was taking that $60.00 and running.  But alas, I like you my dear readers so I am going to give it to you instead.  (Round of applause please)

Here is the game.  In my last post I discussed my issue with not having my purse/wallet/ID case when I went somewhere.  My mom commented that perhaps I needed a smaller purse.  So, I would first like to show you why that won’t work either.

This is my every day purse.  It is my beloved Lucky purse that I just had to have.  Everyone told me it was too big.  

Everyone did not know how much stuff I NEEDED to carry with me.  Here we have the contents of my purse!

My wallet.

My bag of necessities (epi pen, xannax, motrin, oragel, etc)

My bag of other necessities (tooth brush, tooth paste, gum, and fancy smelling lotion) (side note you should always have fancy smelling lotion in your bag you never know who you might need to woooo with your delicious apple smell)

My notebook, journal, and pens.

My medical stuff.  the boys medical records, my records (med dosage, dr visits etc) and all of our insurance cards and doctors information.

and of course my keys

And my variety of purses IN EVERY SIZE.

So you can clearly see that having a smaller bag is not an issue, I have EVERY SIZE OF BAG.

Here is what happens when I try and carry a smaller bag

The girl stuff gets all pushy with the kids essentials bag, my notebook gets drown, my wallet cries because the pen holder is pinching it and THIS DOESN’T WORK.

I could lose the girl essentials (begrudgingly) 

And things fit just fine.  

Here though is the actual real problem. The root of it all.  NO MATTER WHAT I hate carrying any purse unless it is totally necessary.  What I’ve learned is that I prefer to simply have my phone and ID case.  I stick those in my pocket and away I go.  

But Shannon what if you don’t have pockets (gasp)?

Never fear my lovely friends I always have a pocket.  For those of you with kids in diapers you know that they have a terrible habit of shoving things in their diaper and calling it a "pocket."  Well folks meet my "pocket."

Yup.  There you have it.  My pocket.  I discovered this while I was at the gym.  I needed somewhere to put my phone/iPod so I stuck it in my sports bra while running.  I liked that idea so I tried it out a few times while shopping around.  I liked that even more so I figured, "hey why not stick your ID case in there and be gone."

Best idea ever.  So yes if you run into me now there is about a 90% chance you will see either my phone, or ID case (or both) crammed in my bra.

So it’s settled.  Purse, no purse, wallet, whatever I will still end up with my goodies stuffed in my bra.  Like I said before the real issue is remembering to grab my purse with my wallet from my house and put it in my car.  Or remembering that my ID case was in some jeans pockets.  The purse has nothing to do with me remembering to put the necessities in my actual car.

But Shannon didn’t you say there was a give away?

I did! I did!

Here are the rules.  Following them will win you a $60.00 gift card.  The better you follow them the more entries you get.  I will put all of your entries into a bag and with photo evidence I will pick a winner.  Here is how you can enter.

1 entry –  leave a comment here

2 extra entries – link to this post on your blog (make sure I know you linked it)

3 extra entries – show me what is inside of your purse and then come back here and comment so I know to go look

And if you want 4 extra entries you can link this post onto your Facebook and/or Twitter account.

So remember the person with the most entries is most likely to win.  And trust me folks, you want this $60.00 gift card because there is some really good shit on ********.

(deadline to enter May 7th, you have one week)