Let's take a tour

A few years back I was reading Emery’s blog and I came across a picture of her sons room. She had made curtains for his closet instead of doors.  I have been obsessed with that idea forever now.  It became one of those things filed under "sure I’ll do that someday."  But then I got a sewing machine and I realized the theme of Brandon’s room wouldn’t change because he got older and he really does love camping and fishing so why not make curtains.  I found some awesome fishing pattern fabric and sewed me up some curtains.

But then I looked inside and it was boring.  So I got the idea to make it a fort.  My mom gave me the old crib mattress from work, I pulled out his favorite superman toddler bedding and behold  A FORT! (With a camping themed light)

Now when he gets out of the shower he goes in his fort and hangs out until he is dry.

If I close the curtains you can’t even see him, and he thinks he is super cool.

The hard hat is from my husbands friend who died.  His name was Cooper and that is where Brandon got his middle name.  The little barber sign is from my grandpa who passed away’s barber shop and the stamp collection my mom made him for Christmas.

My old neighbor was pretty crafty so she had me hang up the fishing pole and then she painted up a cute little fish on the end of the line.  The frame of the fishies are from Rob’s dad they are the fish he catches every week.  The frame on the right side of the dresser is pretty cool.  There is a house by my parents that used to be beautiful but it hasn’t been lived in for years.  When the movie monster house came out my parents told him that was the house.  So when he was old enough they went into that house.  Brandon was very brave.  After that my mom went and pulled up the floor boards to the house and had my cousin make a picture frame from them. Then they put a picture of him in front of the monster house in the frame.

Above his bed you can see two fishing bears.  Each Grandpa made him one.  Then there is the shadow box of fishing lures.  They are from both grandpas also.

This is his little room.  I like it.  He loves it.  You can see the antique school desk Rob brought me in the corner and his little bear clock that caught a fish.  The funny thing is I picked out this bedding two years ago because it was very boy like and I hoped he would grow up to be a BOY and not a pansy.  As much as I HATE fishing I have to admit I love that I have a dad who takes him out camping and gets him dirty and lets him play with nasty ass fish heads. 

(Although I bet he didn’t wash his hands before bed that night…"shudder")

So my dream came true, and his room was perfect.

4 thoughts on “Let's take a tour

  1. I loved the closet curtain idea so much that I used it for my daughters room. I just bought long curtains at walmart and a tension rod and had the project done in 5 minutes. I would have sewn curtains but I an too lazy for that right now. Thanks for the inspiration!


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