Fort take two…plus I AM A GENIUS

So obviously if I make a fort for Brandon I have to make one for Codi.  I planned to wait a while to make it.  That is until Sunday when Codi had a full fucking melt down in the hall kicking and screaming and all.  I’m talking full blown holy shit batman this kid is going all exorcist on me.  So, I gave in bought fabric and made him a fort.

Moving on.  Codi is very short.  Which isn’t helped by the fact that every single light switch in this house is about two feet above his head.  I started feeling bad for the poor guy because he couldn’t turn on his own light which meant he wouldn’t go in his room if it was dark.  I went to home depot thinking they had to have something to help out. 


So I walked around and around looking for something to create. Two lighting guys told me it was hopeless.  It was actually very irritating.  I wandered forever and finally came up with a solution.  I found a pull switch thingy for a fan and then found a switch plate for a cable cord.  I came home gave it to Rob and said MAKE IT WORK.  I present to you, a shorty’s version of a light switch. I’ve never seen my Codi bug so happy.

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