How to annoy myself

  1. Buy toast that is bigger then my toaster
  2. Burn said toast because I forget to flip it in time
  3. Locking myself out of my house and complaining all day
  4. Realizing there has been a spare key to my house in my moms office the whole fucking day
  5. Buying chicken and then forgetting to cook it and letting it expire
  6. Trying to save money by not buying enough milk for myself then waking up and wanting a glass of chocolate milk but not being able to have it out of my own stupidity
  7. Staring at the four cartons of whole milk I bought for the kids and wanting to cry
  8. Not being able to pass the castle on level five of Codis Mario on DS
  9. Forgetting to adjust my DVR to record Americas Next Top Model
  10. Admitting I watch Americas Next Top Model
  11. Forgetting the other ten things I wanted to put on this list

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