It must be true…my iPhone told me so

So!  We decide at work today that we are going to buy a fancy new Apple keyboard for the girl in our office.  Hers is older then dirt and to celebrate her company anniversary we surprised her with that.  Along with the keyboard we figured why not through in an Apple Magic Mouse too.  So I go up to the Apple Store (torture not walking out with an iPad) and buy a Magic Mouse and a new Magic Track Pad.  I get to work and UGGGG her mouse won’t work because the computer is so old it doesn’t have built in bluetooth.  So fine I text my IT guy.  He says something like "no shit sherlock the computer doesn’t have blue tooth." Only he didn’t say shit because in the 40 years I’ve known him he has only said ONE bad word and he actually typed it so technically he has potty fingers and not a potty mouth. Anyway he then says:

"All you need to do is go buy a bluetooth dongle."

I’ll let you read that again.


I asked him what the fuck a dongle was.  He sends me this:

I don’t know about you but nothing in that says DONGLE to me.  I basically tell him I think he is fucking with me and leave to go find a mythical dongle.  So I drive to this little computer store and ask them for a blue tooth dongle.  She looks at me kind of funny and says okay let me see if we have any dongles.  At this point I think he is full of shit and now he’s just making me look dumb. The lady comes back and says they have no dongles.  Well duh because DONGLES ARE FAKE.

So I text him and say, "okay I’m going to find a dongle."

Only….my iPhone didn’t correct it, which means DONGLE IS A REAL WORD.  Because clearly if my iPhone says it’s true then it must be true.  And guess what I googled it and look:

A software protection dongle is a small piece of hardware that connects to and protrudes from a laptop or desktop computer; this article is limited in scope to dongles used for the purpose of copy protection or authentication of software to be used on that system.


Now if only I could stop thinking dirty thoughts every time I say the word DONGLE.  Because if a Dongle is a part that portrudes out of a computer then something that portrudes out of a man would be a DONG RIGHT!!!  At least now I know where that word came from huh?

4 thoughts on “It must be true…my iPhone told me so

  1. Lmao I bought a bluetooth dongle for my computer last year. I put it in too close to the side and now I cant get the damn thing out! I had no idea until just now it’s called a dongle. I just called it my little Bluetooth USB thingy. Lol. And my iPod didn’t correct dongle so dongle must be a real word. Apple said so. Actually, I just like typing dongle.


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