I'm kind of too afraid to ask my grandma if it's true

So I started reading my new book.  One of the chapters discusses the birds and the bees.  The author talks about the teacher describing the maxi pad.  The confusing part is she keeps talking about the "belt?"

WTF does a belt have to do with a pad?

Stupidly, like always I google it. 

WHAT! THE! FUCK! IS! THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So let me get this straight.  Back in the day, women used to put this little belt with a dangling baggy on it around their waist and cram a pad in it?  This thing looks like a banana hammock. 


I can’t even imagine what it was like to wear this? And what if you were fat?  Did the belts come in different sizes?  I can only imagine being the girl who had to go to the checkstand with a XXXL period belt.  I mean, no, I can’t even figure it out.  And if that is what the first pads looked like I don’t even want to imagine what the first tampon looked like?

Oh wait….

7 thoughts on “I'm kind of too afraid to ask my grandma if it's true

  1. LOL! I was already traumatized by this when I read ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret’ by Judy Blume years ago. It’s mentioned in that book too! Welcome to the club! :-p


  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I just ran across your blog and love it! I learned about the maxi pad belt from Judy Blume book as well. Thank GOD we don’t have to do that crap anymore!!!
    Plus, I don’t think obesity was as much of a factor back then as it is now. I’m sure some women were, but not anything like some are nowadays.


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