I am thankful for…



Glittery shoes


a family who thinks gambling is tons of fun


All of the great desserts I had tonight


The fire my husband just built


The broken game machine that earned my kids and my dad 1700+ tickets with about $4.00 in coins!!!!


A family that understands that Thanksgiving doesn’t always have to be traditional!


I am not thankful for

Glittery shoes that make my feet hurt


A certain facebook post (by happy ending I know you meant Cinderella gets the boy in the end)


my husband telling me to go put my pretty pretty glitter shoes upstairs in the closet, doesn’t he know I want to look at them just a little bit longer before they go back into hiding.


I am also thankful for $20.00 in gambling earning me 4 glasses of wine and 1 white Russian WOO HOO to that.


Also, "Mr. Concerned" if your still out there from a few years ago, do yourself a favor, fuck off and please don’t comment on me having some wine on Thanksgiving KTHX!!!!!

One thought on “I am thankful for…

  1. It was the best night so relaxing not all the work. Still never had the Chi Chi (Tempting blend of coconut, fruit juices and vodka) Ive been wanting for so long but I got a great buzz off my water and family.


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