He wants me to wash my hand with boogers

Years ago I bought this cute little bathroom set.  It had a toothbrush holder, a bar soap holder and a hand soap dispenser.  The problem is that the hand soap thing has NEVER WORKED.  I have added water to it, tried different soaps, done everything and it has never worked.  So the old soaps have been sitting in this thing for years coagulating and getting all oogy then stripping the inside of the metal and, well it’s a hot mess. Well the other we ran out of soap in our Dial handsoap dispenser so my husband decided to dump the soap out of the old nasty ass soap dispenser.  OMFG look at it, IT LOOKS LIKE A BIG VAT OF BOOGERS.

I am so not okay with this.  Would you wash your hands with booger green three year old soap that has separated into three levels of grossness.  WTF was that man thinking.  I ran straight to Walmart today to buy myself a brand new dispenser and fresh new flavor of soap.



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