I think they want me to sit on piss

I went to a kids fun center / bowling alley this weekend.  I of course had to pee, because I CANNOT go in public with out peeing (seriously try walking into Barnes & Noble with out going pee).  I went in and there was little drops on the seat.  I never know if its water from flushing or if it’s pee.  So I grab a toilet seat cover.  Only the pack of covers is so full the cover comes out ripped. So I grab another and again ripped.  Finally I grab a third which is also ripped.  I hate this, it leaves me sitting in the bathroom trying to strategically place my ripped seat cover so it will stay on long enough for me to hurry up and sit my fat ass down on the toilet trapping it in place long enough for me to pee.  The problem with that is, since it’s all ripped up one piece always ends up sticking to my ass while the rest tries to flush.  I just don’t get it.  Why can’t they just fill the box of covers to a normal amount instead of cramming it full to the point of ripping them.  Drives me crazy, I really don’t like the extra two minutes it takes me to piece together my seat cover…because then if I’m in there that long people assume I must be going number two and if you have read my blog long enough you would know that I NEVER go number two. So you can see how this really poses a problem for me!

One thought on “I think they want me to sit on piss

  1. I hate those damn fucking seat covers. You’d think by now they’d have come up with something a little less ancient, don’t ya think?
    Then, you’re right, they’re either crammed the fuck in there where you have to pull 10 at a time to get them in one piece OR rip them all over in the damn stall. Lame


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