Book review and other random shit

I’ve been reading keith Richards (of the Rolling Stones if you didn’t know) bio. 

It started out so sloooooow.  It was a lot of history, learning guitar, school shit etc.  But now that I’m getting far into the book I’m just blown away.  I know the Stones are old but I never associated with other bands, like the Beatles.  I’m reading the craziest stories.  Stories about him and John Lennon getting so fucked up on drugs that John wouldn’t leave the bathroom while puking because, "the tile floors were just so beautiful."  I am amazed at people the knew.  The Getty’s, famous princes, and drug lord and women.  I always thought of them as some back end band but now I am just flabbergasted.  These guys are amazing.  Keith and Mick Jagger wrote every song. No one ever wrote a song for them.  Keith openly talks about his addiction to heroin, women and music. I love this book because famous people always seem to shy away from the truth.  He talks about Mick fucking his girlfriend, but him not really caring and going on to have a baby with her.  It is actually becoming a pretty amazing book.  If you can get past the first few chapters it is so worth it.  The people he knows, the things he did….fucking memorizing.  So far I give it 5 thumbs up.  I recommend buying it.


I started the Four Day cleanse followed by the Four Day Diet.

At first I thought it was some hokey four day thing.  But once you read further it is a series of 4 day plans. The idea behind it is to switch it up every four days.  Never giving your body the chance to get used to one plan.  Amazingly enough being on this diet has been really easy.  Maybe my new medicine is really starting to set in.  I’ve been to the gym three days in a row and I’ve been running my mile and following it up with 28 minutes on the bike.  Monday night I had some kind of run in with the treadmill and bike and walked away hurting.  I got the bright idea Tuesday to try and run of the pain, because obviously I didn’t want to be a pussy.  BAD BAD IDEA.  I could hardly walk all night and this morning 900 mg of IB Profin wasn’t enough to help me.  I stuck to the bike tonight and I don’t feel so much like I broke a leg.  I have a meeting with a podiatrist tomorrow.  Once upon a time I had some pretty fucked up legs.  Permanent ankle fractures, permanent shin splints etc,  One would think I would learn but NOPE.  So I see the doctor tomorrow in hopes of having my ankles taped up again and finding some kind of solution to running again.  This book deals with all of the mental aspects of dieting too.  It’s been pretty amazing.  It talks about real goals.  I run a 12 minute mile right now. I want to get to a 10 minute mile.  My thought was eh, I’ll do 12 for a few days and jump right to 10.  But Dr. Ian talks about being realistic.  He said making that big of a change can take two to three months, that way your body gets used to it in a good way and it becomes enjoyable.  I’m glad I read this book it really talked some sense into me.  I’ve cheated four times, I had two sticks of gum (although the book doesn’t forbid gum), one dark chocolate hersheys kiss, and I double my portion of cabbage soup tonight because it was so fucking good.  So if I don’t lose weight when I weigh in on Friday I’m totally blaming it on those two sticks of gum.  One of the greatest parts of this diet is how real it is.  One of the four day diets in the book includes some pizza and veggie (chicken, or turkey) burgers.  I like that, the fact that a book openly admits you need food like that now and then.  There are weeks centered around protein, some around veggies, some around taking it easy, etc.  I highly recommend this.  I will update you on my success (or not) on Friday when I weigh in.


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