Ends, beginnings, lists and vlogging

I have a video blog coming up.  It hasn’t been done because I need to be totally alone to do it otherwise I will die of shame and embarrassment while filming it.  But I promise you, the foolishness of my behavior should be enough to keep you on pins and needles.

I went skiing yesterday with my mom and I DIDN’T SUCK.  Kind of happy knowing I have something to do now when my husband snowboards.

Although I walked off with a thumb injury. 



Who injures a thumb skiing?

I’m about 20 pages from finishing Anna Karenina and I’m utterly devastated.  I had an idea of what could happen, a brief thought, a guess, but in the bottom of my heart I never believed it true.  And then it happened and I’m am fucking terrified to read these last few pages.  That being said YOU  MUST READ THIS BOOK.  I admit I read it for two reasons.  One: The former "Snarky Lady" a now friend of mine posted the list of 100 books you must read before you die on her Facebook page.  It started with this list but after googling there are a ton of lists and one of them is 1001 books to read before you die.  The second reason is that it was the book Miley Cyrus was reading in, "The Last Song."  I read the list and was appalled at how few I read so I picked that to start with.  I’ve been miserable lately because I just want to finish it and it seems like everything is getting in my way.  It’s been a long time since I found a book that I just couldn’t take my mind off of.  Not to mention it’s been forever that I read a book that I couldn’t predict the ending even if I tried.

This has now led me to create on of those Bucket List thingies.  But how many things do you put on one of those lists?  Do you always add to it?  Or make it once and thats that?  Can you remove things if you change your mind?  Someone needs to publish a bucket list guide for Dummies.

Either way I am officially adding, "read the 100 books on (a list I finally choose) to my bucket list.

And finally, I grew up about 40 years today and "most" of my pink hair is gone:

There are still hints of pink up close, and next week we will lighten it some.  Don’t worry though, like I said, the hidden hints of pink are there so all is not list.

Be on the look out for the video blog!

4 thoughts on “Ends, beginnings, lists and vlogging

  1. You mention me? You are awesome. I haven’t been reading the classics like I promised myself I should, but perhaps I should start Anna Karenina since you are giving it so many thumbs up.


  2. Girl you have balls to do a video blog, I would be embarrassed too. I get embarrassed just taking pictures of myself for my blog. Nerd alert.
    I have always wanted to read Anna Karenina but have never found the time. It will be at the top of my list this summer.


  3. Can’t wait for the VLOG!
    By the way we need to Skype soon! Miss you!
    You don’t need a “how to” for Bucket List…I think its important that you put and remove the things that matter to you on this list.
    I love the hair!


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