Shannon vs. Husband part two…the ketchup issue

My husband says I have a habit of asking you to vote on something but telling you which side of the argument is mine.  He said that makes you guys always vote for me so this time I have to just list both sides of the argument without saying whose side is what and then make you vote.  I still think I will win but whatever!

Here is the argument.

This is our ketchup bottle.

Sometimes it is in the refrigerator like this.  And some times it is in there like this.


So here is the argument.

One of us says the bottle has to always be with the label up because the label is facing that way.  One of us says since it has that flat lid it should go in the fridge upside down.  One of us says it should be right side up and then you shake it when you want to use it so you don’t get that drippy stuff.  One of us says you don’t need to shake it if it is upside down the drippy stuff settles on the top.


Who is right?  Does it go label up or down?

This is a huge battle in our house, so this is a very serious vote, whoever wins will finally get to keep the ketchup bottle their way!

13 thoughts on “Shannon vs. Husband part two…the ketchup issue

  1. It goes label up. Too much gunk will get in the ridges underneath if you have it cap down. The cap isn’t made for it to be stored upside down, unless the label is also that way. My two cents.


  2. I could argue both sides. Which is yours? Hahaha!
    I am going to go with label up for ketchup though. Salad dressing goes down to properly mix it before using, but ketchup goes label up…
    UNLESS, it is almost gone. Then that’s a whole nother story.
    Hmmm, not sure I was a help.


  3. I actually started buying ketchup that sits on the lid AND has the label right side up just to avoid this issue.
    otherwise, the label goes right side up until it is to hard to get the ketchup out anymore (so once its down to a few tablespoons).
    then you get it all out of the bottle and don’t waste any but also only have a very very short time of it looking “wrong.”
    there’s my 2 cents:)


  4. Honestly, we do both at my house. I probably end up putting it right side up most of the time. However, I think having the bottle upside down makes more sense.
    So, I vote label upside down.


  5. Lid facing down for sure! Who wants to waste those precious seconds shaking it and then getting all the sputtering action of the ketchup while you squirt it?! If it rests with the lid down then it settles and comes out perfectly. Trust me, I LOVE ketchup and consider myself an expert after years of use. 🙂


  6. Label up. Definitely. Clean inside cap, no globs escaping as soon as cap is opened, and the darn label is right side up, how much better can it get? Do you want to use ZNIEH OTAMOT PUHCTEK or HEINZ TOMATO KETCHUP on your food? 😉


  7. They both bother me! The label needs to be up! But the ketchup needs to settle on the spout so it comes out right away!? I don’t know and now I feel intense anxiety!!!!


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