Whose idea was a three month summer vacation

Brandon is in kindergarten.  He is on a track system though, that means he goes on two months off two months.  Which at first I thought was annoying until I had to entertain him for one month.  Then I thought, DEAR GOD HOW COULD I DO IT FOR THREE!!!!!!


 That means Codi got his first Preschool pictures

Brandon got his first Kindergarten pictures…it included his new, "I don’t know how to smile on command face anymore" face.

One thing is for sure.  Rob and I, we make beautiful boys.

I’ve had Brandon at work with me lately since he is off school.  We have been practicing sentences. 

I actually get really emotional about this.  Brandon can write.  And sound things out and read a little and I HAVE A FIVE YEAR OLD.  I can’t handle it.  When did my baby turn into a big boy?  When did he grow up so fast?  Its like high school is only a week away the way time has been flying.

I have spent a little time at the gym lately too.  I am embarrassed that I’m only at a 12 minute mile but it’s better then a 30 minute mile or NO MILE RIGHT?

My son has turned into the wing king.  In fact he loves wings so much we went on a date the other day and we to Buffalo Wild Wings.  He was so thrilled and so happy that I took him to a place that served nothing but his favorite food.  I also downloaded the ap SCVNGR and took a picture of my food and was able to receive $5.00 off $25.00 and my next visit I get 6 free wings.

He loved the wings.

So much so he got a hat that described him perfect WING NUT

My mom has actually be supremely understanding about my little mental breakdown (I have a feeling I’m going to have to hit rock bottom before I can get better) so she sent us off to the movies after this. So even though he hoovered a few wings he had plenty of room to hoover down a box of popcorn.

We saw Gnomeo and Juliet which was SOOOOOOOO CUTE.  Just so cute.  It was really cathartic spending that time with Brandon.  From there he talked me into getting him a ride on the mall shuttle.  Which really irritated the shuttle driver.  It was not the same nice lil old man this was some young kid who wanted my foot in his ass,  Brandon didn’t care.  He was thrilled.

Then we went to the Apple store and played with the iPad.  I left with out an iPad.  I don’t know how but I kicked myself the whole way out.  I WANT AN IPAD AS MUCH AS I WANTED KIDS.

The next day since Brandon got to go skiing Codi and I went to the dinosaur and dragon museum.  He was a little shy at first but then totally warmed up.

He liked this guys big sword.  He couldn’t give a shit about the Midlevil dresses though.

Tiny knight.

Mommy and me. Did I mention Codi is absolutly horrible at taking pictures these days.  Both boys are sooo sick of the camera.

Towards the end he was really excited to see the dinos

From then we played cut paper into a mess and glue and tape it onto paper.  He was so proud of that mess.

After that we found a big display of guns which thrilled guns because Codi thinks he is some kind of cowboy from back in the day,

After that we headed to the park where Codi got in trouble by another dad because he slid down this slide like Superman and then other dudes daughter wanted to do it and that REALLLLY pissed off her dad.

We spent a little more time at the park and then headed up to my grandmas house.  That involved Dairy Queen burgers, fries and chocolate Sudays,  Grams was thrilled,

Grams and Codi played squirt guns and he shot her till he pants were drenched,

Then he shot her dead.  It was so fun watching her spend that kind of time with my boys although, his Giants champion shirt might have had something to do with her love for him that day.

Then Codi got a "lil" something on his face.

I took them out and showed them the gulley behind grams house and they seriously can’t wait until the next time I take them down there with real shoes on.

After that uncle Chris came over and they all got very serious about Mario. I had to pry Brandon off Chris because he refused to let him leave.


Sunday we spent 3 hours at the park and Brandon and his friends reached a maximum level of dorkiness.

I did the best I could to shake the sillies out of Codi but they were still there when we got home.

Clearly I couldn’t get the sillies or dorkies out of Brandon.

You can see Codi and I were pretty tuckered out that night…until my husband started snoring and I lost all hope of sleep.  

Finally you can see why I had no hope of getting any work done Monday at work (not true I kicked ass at cleaned my desk, I just had to endure a few bites and scratches a long the way.)

Guess he loves a preheated seat.

So you can see I’ve been a little busy dorking out with my boys and battling with the cutest kitty ever.  I promise more updates soon when my Mac gets out of the the house.  That is, if I make it out  of the Apple store without and iPad tomorrow

Pray for my soul.


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