Oh my gosh!!!!!!  I did it.  I signed up for BlogHer 2011!  There is so much to do now and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT!

I think I need business cards.  And I need a roommate.  And holy shit, I need to start saving and taking extra catering jobs to buy an iPad because Lord knows I’m not carrying my 17" Macbook all over that place.  So tell me friends WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO PREPARE FOR BLOGHER?  Give me all of your advice! Also let me know if you are going. I want to meet each and every one of you!!!!!!  Can’t wait.  


2 thoughts on “I DID IT I'M GOING TO BLOG HER

  1. Of course you are because I am not! Ugh. I just couldn’t swing the $$$ to go cross country this year. I will miss it. Here is my advice: It can swallow you whole. So be careful. If you want to go to swag swanky parties start twittering about who is hosting one and talk about the products on twitter, FB or blog –they will holla at you for an invite. The Swag regardless of parties is UNREAL. Pack an empty bag-preferably LARGE. TAKE DOWN TIME. It is overwhelming, exhausting, and honestly some bloggers you will meet (ok a lot) are total stuck up assholes or are socially way awkward (hence living through the computer). I met some pretty rad people as well–but the negative snob “my blog is the f’n shit” peeps really rubbed me the wrong way. I wasn;t there to build an empire I was there because I love my hobby–my blog. Anyway… alone–down time is key. Peace out on some of the workshops. Most of them sucked last year anyway. Anymore questions bring it on!


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