If you want to learn to annoy your husband come here

Every three months or so I pull up my Google Analytics to see how people are finding me.  I’m going to post a couple, then return down a few times and post the naughty ones.  That means if you are in a reader you will need to click in to see some of the "interesting" things people search, that will bring them to me.

Ruined Panties (I don’t think I’ve ruined any panties lately)

Asshole moms (YES! That’s me)



And now.  Some of the things that PEOPLE ACTUALLY SEARCH ON THE INTERNET, and find me.

Ass fucking crazy moms (uh….)

Bad parenting tales (came to the right place)

Boys get in the ass by moms (logistically how does this even work)

Do women like to pee in there panties (no, it doesn’t feel very good, why do men?)

Everything I do annoys my husband (sure does)

I love angie hardage (who the fuck is angie hardage?)

Kids fucking moms ass (there are 7 different variations of this WTF)

Mommys boy smelling ass (eww…just EWWW)

Mommy slut tales (that would be a whole other blog)

Old ass bitches fucking (someone really wants to see that)

Rich moms are bitches (give me a million and we will see)

How to annoy my husband

Things to do to annoy husbands

Wash moms ass (now that is one hell of a punishment)

My husband tells me I drive him nuts (mine does, but why would you search this, what are you looking for?)

Shaving for a C-section (ahahahahah I know tons about this)


A few interesting things.  Tons of people have found my blog searching for the Gotti boys.  This thrills me because I thought I was the only one who watched that show years ago.

There is a million searches for people peeing during ultrasounds?  I never did that, did you?

I must write about Walmart a lot because searching Walmart and a few keywords always brings people to me.

Maybe I say Fuck too much?

I wrote about an ex boyfriend once.  I used his name.  13 people have found my blog searching his name.  That means he or someone else has searched this guy 13 times…I’m betting it’s him sitting at home Googling his own name.  And if it’s his girlfriends (that happened once, his girlfriend searched him and found me), they aren’t gonna love the story.  HAHAHAH sucks for you douche bag.

I honestly can’t believe how many people search for ways of annoying their husband.  There is over 30 variations of that search.  I like to think I’m creative enough to annoying him without the help of Google.

People Google too much!

2 thoughts on “If you want to learn to annoy your husband come here

  1. I get strange search hits too. My number one hit is something like “my husband is an asshole.” I really don’t understand why people are googling this topic so much. Everyone’s husband is an asshole.


  2. you use full names huh? mental note…don’t piss you off. got it lol the other things are sort of disturbing. yet i’m always oddly a little jealous because there’s nothing that interesting in my google searchs!


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