Anatomy of a sneak attack

Little Fucker


Look, he has his claws wrapped around my head one paw sunk into each ear and he is biting right into my head. ASSHOLE.

So he climbs the back of my chair with no warning.  Then he wraps both paws around my head and sticks in full claws.  Then he bites my hair until he manages to pull it all the way out of the pony tail.  Then he bites my head.  My phone rang during this so he went all crazy atack-o cat on my phone and bit it and then bit my head until I got off the phone.  

Little shit

5 thoughts on “Anatomy of a sneak attack

  1. Dude. You have a phone with a cord. That’s considered “retro” now, right?
    My kids freaked when they saw my old corded phone. Like it was some rare treat.


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