A road block..and a Golden Sombrero you may never know

Part of what makes me a “Misguided” mommy is the things I did before I was a mommy. The misguided directions I took in life. I have some really good stories in me. Funny stuff. Raunchy stuff. Naughty stuff. Illegal stuff. Basically everything everyone wants to read in a blog. Every time I sit down to write I find myself frustrated. Because I know in order to increase readers, to draw you in, to get comments I HAVE TO TELL THE GOODS! That is where I find the problem. My family reads this. They know a lot of my shenanigans but they don’t know all of them and there is always a point in someone’s life where they have to say…”this is probably one of those stories I shouldn’t tell publicly.”

I end up shutting the computer and just walking away because I don’t want to force out a post and I can’t put up what I want. Do other readers have this problem? There are days I wish I could start all over and never tell a soul who I was. Be this amazing anonymous blogger who wrote stories about the time my friend and I drunk and peed on the grass at the very spot I got married two years later. A super secret blogger who tells funny sex stories that her parents and husband can’t read. Like the time a dog ate my panties and I had to go back to school with no undies on after my lunch break. (I still have those panties…what’s left of them). A blogger with no face just stories about marijuana, chicken tenders, and a very important first kiss.

I’ve always written. I’ve always had a journal. Online, written anything I’ve always documented my life. I wanted to be a writer when I got older. That manifested in wanting to teach high school English even. I have good stories in here. I imagine there are others out there like me. We have now been labeled a “mommy blog.” There are limits to what we can write about. Laundry, Johnny pooped in the potty and may husband is such a pain tonight. But I want to write the real stuff. I want to write my archives. My history. The things that 60 years from now my kids will want to know. The stories that the only other person who can tell them is the person who was there committing the crime with me.

Writing shouldn’t be this frustrating. It shouldn’t feel like a road block. So if you’re wondering about my lack of posting, this sums it up for you. I’m full of stories. Just not stories I can tell. Especially not the story about the “Golden Sombrero.”

7 thoughts on “A road block..and a Golden Sombrero you may never know

  1. I just posted today about how I sometimes wish I’d started my blog anonymously. there is very little my family doesn’t know but while my mom was still here I knew she’d be horrified if I shared some of it, so I’ve since written about most of it. But there are a couple things no one knew about like me running away to vegas and trying to get married at 17! But mostly I’d like to write about how other people affect myself and I don’t feel I can share other people’s crap without pissing them off.


  2. Ahem. Since I will soon be snuggling up to you, I feel the right to say this: Password. Protect.
    There. I said it.
    Write whatever you want and then? Think about it. Wait till your parents are dead or blind at least and THEN hit publish. I’m sure the internet will still be around by then.
    Or WILL IT?!?
    Nice to meet you. I’m not formal, either and I wanted to clarify that I will procure wine only if there is enough to share. Otherwise, that vino is MINE.
    I KID, I kid…
    Or DO I?!?


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