Some clarification for my husband

My husband read my previous post where I discussed running outside.  I also discussed him getting a little teary eyed reading that I had gone running outside.  He would like me to clarify that what must have happened is while he was reading my text two pieces of dust flew into his eyes causing them to get a little misty.  He was not crying or anything…as you can see:

If you are wondering, He is in gray.  He was saying he was scared about becoming a vegetarian for Lent.  His reference about it being a big deal is that I DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE.  I’ve been adamant, I’ve refused, I’ve said it hurts, that I’m afraid, every excuse in the book.  I did not want to run outside.  I barely wanted to run.  I did not want to run in the rain.  I did not want to run in the snow.  I did not want to run while eating Green Eggs and Ham.  So he knows what  A HUGE deal it is for me to run.  Which must be the reason that dust flew into his office at work…you know the enclosed office with closed windows.  INSIDE.

Just clearing it up for you all…he was NOT CRYING or anything!!!!

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