You bit your what????

I walked into Brandons room last night to find him biting his toenails.  I was appalled.  Who bites their toenails?  I nearly barfed on the spot but instead I walked downstairs and all in a kerfluffle I loudly said, "BRANDON WAS JUST BITING HIS TOENAILS."  I expected my husband to be just as grossed out as me but instead he said, "so, you never bit your toenails?"


His next reply was to, "go to Facebook and ask how many people bit their toenails."  But my blog is bigger then Facebook so I'm asking you….Is it really common for people to bite their toenails???? 


In other news I'm on a mission to find a new razor.  I see my podiatrist today.  I made extra sure to shower last night and shave and I woke up this morning with cheese grater legs.  I need a better razor.  I currently use a Venus one and I'm over it.  I'm so tired of going to doctors or pedicures and having spikey sharp legs.  What do you guys recommend?  If I wasn't such a pussy I would probably try waxing but honostly I don't want to pay for that.


It's getting warm here in Reno.  I went running yesterday and I was thrilled that I ended up with boob sweat.  I don't know why but to me that is always a sign of a good work out.  So running in all this cold weather was totally eliminating my PROOF of the workout.  I also ran up a big hill.  Guess what?  i don't like hills.  Hate hills.  I'm going to run up another hill tomorrow.  But oww.


There is a kid at Brandon's school who is being a total dickhead every morning.  The mornings his mom has been there she has let him get away with it.  But yesterday was the last straw.  While they were playing with their Beyblades the kid got upset and began spitting on the other kids toys.  He spit on Brandon and two other kids toys.  His mom wasn't there so he got away with it for a minute before another mom stepped in that knew his family and stopped him.  This kid has been a menace and I just don't know what to do.  First of all, I don't want Brandon thinking that is okay.  Since it is before school there are no teachers out there, so I'm not sure what good it would do to tell the teacher.  His mom hasn't been there the last three days so I can't even talk to her.  All I know is IT IS NOT OKAY AT ALL TO SPIT ON TOYS.  It's not okay to do the other things he does either.  What do I do?  Talk to the teacher?  Hunt down the mom?  I swear my instinct is to spit on this little asshole kid, but I WON'T…I promise. 


I get to see my foot doctor today.  I hope he can get some orthodics covered by insurance because running hurts like a mother fucker.  I pronate, and I have shin splints and a fractured ankle and….on and on and on.  I need something to help with this shit.  Yesterdays run up that hill was hard.  I forgot to take Excedrin before and I felt every single step.  I ran slow because of the pain and at the end of the run I was pissed off with my time.  I need to get my legs all fixed up so I can run faster.  I ran with Rob on Sunday and Y'all he made me feel slow.  I could hear him behind me and it sort of sounded like he was just skipping along.  Later I asked about his time.  He can run an 8 minute mile.  That day I was running a 12 minute mile.  Yesterday I ran a 14 minute mile because of the pain.  EIGHT MINUTE MILE.  He might as well have just been walking next to my slow ass 12 minutes huh?

Okay.  Thats all now.  Enough randomness for one day!

6 thoughts on “You bit your what????

  1. Ok, biting your toenails is just fucking gross. But I think feet are gross, so maybe that’s why. And that boy from school…. I’d hunt down his mom. That’s just so uncalled for, and that kid needs to learn some fucking manners. I’d also tell his teacher, let her know you are going to say something to the mom. Maybe he acts like an asshole in class too. And what the hell are Beyblades? lol Good luck!!


  2. Beyblades are a new top like toy that costs lots of money. There is a cartoon or show on TV the kids watch. But their like $15.00 each. I wish they would just go back to playing marbles. You don’t want to ask me what to do with that kid. I would have Brandon spit in his face and take him to the ground. I think you kicked some girls ass in 7th grade and no one ever messed with you again.


  3. Seriously feet are just nasty. I asked rob about it and he just replied ” well he took a shower so his feet are clean”. Ewww um no THERE IS TOE JAM. I want to barf just thinking about this. 
    The hard part of telling teacher is she isn’t even out there in the morning to monitor it so what good will she do????  
    And roadkill: I don’t think the kid will mess with brandon. This is the kid that when he was beating up on brandons friend Brandon told him to stop or he would kick him in the head. I just wish this kid had his own beyblades for me to spit on


  4. I used to bite my toenails…but only have showers…and really, after a shower when everything is clean, what’s the difference between biting your fingernails (which I know you don’t do, but plenty of people do) and biting your toenails???
    And i would spit on the kid…but then again that’s probably why I don’t have kids yet. If I was mature and stuff like that, I would probably go to the teacher and ask her to talk to the mom, or ask her if she could set up a meeting with the mom and talk to her about it. Why is her kid at school alone before there are teachers there anyways???


  5. I HAVE heard of and seen people do it but I think it’s the grossest thing ever! Ok, not really, I think eating boogers is worse. But it IS pretty disgusting.


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