Can dogs pee their pants?

Because I think mine just did.

Sparky the dog is terrified of stairs.  He can handle the three front steps but that is his limit.  The eleven inside steps ARE NOT HAPPENING.  I tried bribing him with food and he made it up two steps and then ran down.  From there he started yapping and squawking and just pretty much losing his shit.  We were all laughing at him until he went and sat down and peed while sitting.  He was so afraid he actually peed while sitting.  He peed his little doggy pants.  I finally got him half up the stairs and this is what he did:

He froze SOLID.  He would not budge.  He wouldn't even move his head enough to grab the treat.  He just froze like an ice cube.  I felt bad but I couldn't help laughing so so so hard at him. 

Silly little puppy peed his pants and then got stuck on the stairs.  Yes, I helped him down finally.  I love my puppy.

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