Mom test, wife test, life test

Mom test:

I think kids ask you questions as a test.  If you can make it through 763 questions in one hour with out duct taping your kids to the roof of a moving car you should win a mom of the year award.  (I am waiting for those awards by the way, the mail man must have lost them).

Wife test:

I think men lose things on purpose.  It's like POP QUIZ: "babe where are my socks?" If you can find said socks without looking in more then two places you win a kick ass wife of the day award.  Bonus points awarded if you can find it in a place they "swear they looked already."

Life test:

If you can make it through a day of a puppy with a bladder infection peeing all over your house, two kids screaming MOM MOM MOMMMMM MOMMMMMM only to say, "uh, I love you" for the 945 time that day, while surviving a trip to Walmart with one child, trying to apply Sally Hanson nail thingies, water a lawn, and not burn dinner you should win a double glass of wine award.  Bonus points if you can make it the whole day without eating any of the fresh loaf of french bread staring at you.  Double bonus points if you can not take a spoon to the jar of Nutella for dinner.

Nerd test:

If you can make it through an entire episode of 16 and Pregnant without crying, you deserve an…never mind you already lose this award for admitting you watch this show.

Mah fancy new nails!

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