Of course I still have the first email my husband sent me, stored safely in my Yahoo! inbox

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It is funny to me how important e-mail has become in my life. At work, customers ask if I can just email them a proposal instead of putting it in snail mail. My husband sends his Christmas/birthday/Easter present wish lists through email. And, I broke up with my family via email instead of face to face the way I would have ten years ago before I had email.

I actually remember the day I created my email account. I did it at work. On the horrible Windows computer in my dads office that struggled to even turn on. I navigated to the Yahoo! page and created my email. I have to admit I also spent about an hour playing with background colors and picking what I wanted on my Yahoo! home page.

My daily horoscope

Travel & airfare deals

Movie times

TV listings

Hollywood gossip stuff (the only thing that still remains on my homepage with my email)

My background is now a picture of Robert Pattinson and I’ve done every upgrade Yahoo! mail has to offer but, for 11 years I’ve held the same address and kept almost every email.

My favorite part though, was the day I created an email for my husband. It was 2003 and we had been dating for two years. By this point I was a professional emailer. I would spastically run to my computer at work and check for emails (I never had any), and then go home and check again (If I was lucky I had one from Abercrombie reminding me to charge something on my credit card with them). I got the bright idea that if I made him an email he would be forced to email me and then I would have something good to read when I got home. We sat at the tiny desk in the dining room of the house he rented with a friend and created an email. I picked boy colors for the background and then went right home to email him. I still have the first email he ever sent me.

“it works thank you. hope you have a great day. im stuck now huh now i have to email you dont i. youre very sneaky:)”

Hot damn that is some bad capitalizing and grammer huh? I loved it. I was no longer bound by the 100 character texting limit I could really let him have it. Mushy love letters. You’re an asshole letters. Take me on a date letters. Hi I’m bored letters. Poor guy. He had to deal with a lot after that day.

The second email he ever sent me,

“hey sweetie- just wanted to say hi and ask you if youre doing anything tomorrow nite, friday. of course your not. youre going on a date with me to the movies. you said you wanted to go last week but we never got to talking about it again. so i guess i can stop playing ps2 for a nite and go out with you. 'a guy thing' plays at 705 and again at 9 something. i want to go to the 705 one. when you get off work, maybe get something fast and cheap to eat then go the movie k. well talk to you later. love ya-robert”

I love the “cheap” reference in there. I’m pretty sure we probably went to Bully’s.

But this is one of my favorite emails of all,

Subject: iloveyou

FROM: Robert Mateo

TO: shannon keefer

Thursday, April 24, 2003 10:04 PM


That is the whole message. He still does that today. Sends me a quick email just to tell me he’s thinking of me.

I have this email from when I was pregnant with our first child, we were married, I had a new last name, and from reading it we were both home sick,

“hey sweet heart. well i know you get sad when you dont get mail so here you go. your on the couch right next to me right now and im just waiting for you to ask me who im writing like you always do. if you do ill probly lie and say my dad tho. well i wish we were better so i could kiss you. i dont like not being able to do that. i hope i get better soon so i can get out of here. it sux staying couped up. i think my breathing is better….i think. i have a little stuff in my throat that i think i should be able to get out tomorrow or later on tonight. like i sed, if my nose was good i think id be ok. well i hope that brandon stopt moving around and you had a good nites rest. i'll be talking to you later on today for sure…..love you my wife….rob”

The first picture he emailed me of our son;

I’m amazed at what email has become in my life. I’ve used it to send him pictures to say I am sorry, kind of like this:

I use it to send myself reminders. I always have an email in there from myself to myself reminding me to post a bill in my checkbook, or order something, or put something on the grocery list. I’ve used it to talk to people I don’t have to courage to talk to in person. I use it to keep in touch with friends all over the world now. I share pictures of my family through email now. My phone is constantly making that little “bong” noise letting me know I have more spam mail, or that Williams Sonoma is emailing me more things that I can’t afford but can’t live with out.

Eleven years later and I’m the only one of my friends who hasn’t changed her email to a more grown up address, or changed it to a more businessy address. It’s still the same, slightly inappropriate Yahoo! email it always was.

Do you have your first emails?

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