The shame gets worse

Last week I posted about 5 things I was ashamed of.  One of those things was;

5. I am still upset about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth breaking up.  To be honest I'm a little devistated, I had high hopes for those two.

I received a comment from Clutterholic that said;

Clutterholic said… 
I'm ashamed that I know Liam visited Miley in South America this week and she tweeted she was with her boooooooo.

Y'ALL I NEARLY DIED. I've never run to Google so fast in my life.  I spent my morning Googling every site I could, searching pictures and finding PROOF that MIAM is back.


I'm ashamed of how excited I am by this but if Miley and Liam can work it out then things are looking up people.  Lets start praying for a wedding and some babies!

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