Stealing more of my moms shit

My mom has this storage full of shit.  Seriously some of it is junk.  But then some of it is pretty neat.  Every now and then I have to get something out of it.  Every now and then I find something neat.  LIKE THIS SUPER AWESOME FLOOR LENGTH MIRROR.  My philosiphy is that if it is just sitting in storage I don't have to ask permission to take it because if she really wanted it she would DO SOMETHING WITH IT.  So I lugged it out of the storage today, packed it home and THEN called her to inform her I was stealing her mirror.

Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with this????

Which I will do as soon as I figure out just what the hell it is.

Also in other news I can't wait to tell you guys what I am getting today. (Hint: NOT AN IPAD2 frown) but…even more rad!

3 thoughts on “Stealing more of my moms shit

  1. Its a rack but its missing parts. It needs the pool that goes in the middle then the top rack. Your dad drug it out of an attic the other day. I love the mirror is pink


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