Shannon Vs. Husband…the aluminum foil

Just like the ketchup and Lent we have a new battle brewing in the house.  Again I am not allowed to tell you which side I’m on.  This weeks battle is:


One of us believes that you can just take the foil out of the container and stick it on a pan any ole way.  The other one believes that foil has a non stick side (the dull side) and a sticky side (the shiny side).  

Which of us is right?  Please settle this before one of us wraps the other one in tin foil and barbeques them!

Or before I do this to his office

7 thoughts on “Shannon Vs. Husband…the aluminum foil

  1. WOW! I never even thought of that. I am guessing from your love of cooking that you are the one that knows which side is which. I don’t have a side, because I am still so amazed at that little tidbit of information. See we cook tater tots about 2-3 times a week in the house. I am going to use the shiny side and the dull side and then I’ll let you know my side!


  2. Shannon- foil is foil, unless you buy the fancy non-stick kind. Your food is going to stick to either side unless you spray it. I will say that if you are covering something to cook it, the foil should go shiny side down. I heard it does something or other with the heat or reflection or something. Probably BS but I always do it that way.


  3. Well according to the show “How It’s Made” both sides are exactly the same. The only different is that during the very last pass through the rollers as it’s being made, one side is pressed another sheet of foil (umm I think the shiny side) and the other is against the rollers. I knew watching that hiw would come in handy eventually! Although some cooks say using one side or the other can absorb or deflect heat, but I think that’s BS! But there isn’t a nonstick side.


  4. It only matters if you have the Reynolds Wrap Release…. Other than that, the dull and shiny are only due to a manufacturing process…


  5. This is actually something my husband and I argue about all the time. I say it doesn’t matter, but he says the shiny side has to go down or else it wont cook properly. I’ve never had a problem so whatever. lol


  6. Ok…ladies I actually put this to the test! It’s the only way to find out, right??? The dull side is non stick. Just try it for yourself. It works!


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