My husband is secretly a wuss

So I’m sitting here on the couch and my husband freaks out and is like, “babe HELP ME.”. So I go running in the kitchen and he hands me his shoe and tells me there is a giant spider and that I need to kill it.
Did you read that right? My husband wanted ME the GIRL to kill the spider. The spider that was the size of my head.
It gets better. He then runs to the garage gets the vacuum and the raid and tells me to spray it because I have to get close and he will stand back with the hose and just suck it up. I try hitting it with the shoe which he wont do because he has to get too close to it. It doesn’t work and the spied runs in a corner. I grab the raid, spray the spider and then remain totally calm when 40 billion spiders jump off the back of the big spider and go running all over the place. He manages to suck them all up from about 10 feet away while I’m down on the ground trying to mash the remaining spiders.
We get them all sucked up and then he tells me that I have go carry the canister outside and empty it because he is too affraid to even carry the canister.
Then we look down and there is another spider. Which he tries to get me to kill. I’m in my house shoes though so I refuse and he gets stuck killing the small non scary spider.
Moral of the story?
Can’t believe he made me the fragile lady of the house kill it.

6 thoughts on “My husband is secretly a wuss

  1. Hey Shannon! First time visitor to your blog! Love the story! I can totally relate to you! Aaron is TERRIFIED of cockroaches. I’m the official cockroach & bug killer in my house. One night I came home late to find shoes thrown everywhere and windex sprayed all over the counter. My immediate thought: cockroach. He had an all out war and STILL didn’t kill it. I had to look for it in the morning and flush it! Two peas in a pod, those guys!


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