One day scrolling through Facebook I noticed my Friend Emery posting photos.  Uplifting photos.  Photos that I would look at and smile at.  Then I noticed the little tag under them, #1000thanks.  She has been documenting things in her life that she is thankful for. I read it and then thought I could do that.  But, then I thought….who really captures those moments?  In my head I guess I thought they had to be big things.  Huge things.  Later that week I was driving down the road and my little puppy was being so cute and I started smiling and all the sudden I realized, "wait, this is one of those things, those amazing moments I take for granted."  I snapped a picture and posted my very first #1000things.

1. Morning driving buddies who keep my seat warm while I'm away #1000thanks


Then that same day I opened my mail box and found my second thing.  Something so small and trivial but something that I realized brought a smile to my face.  How was I overlooking these tiny things that made me smile for a second.  That let me breath for a moment.  That brought me peace for an instant.

Number 2: finding a savior in my mail box this monday morning when im broke from Lego land and exhausted from a ten hour drive #1000thanks

I started to really "stop and smell the roses" in my life.  Document the small things that made me happy.

‎12. Home grown. #1000thanks

I grew those.  My mom planted them but I DIDN'T KILL THEM!!!  How had I not stopped to see the beauty in that?  I had made myself healthy salads all week with food I had grown and I wasn't even stopping to appreciate it.

‎16. A happy family after homemade ice cream #1000thanks

I love my family.  I appreciate them daily, but this #1000thanks wasn't about them. It was about me.  It was that I had made homemade ice cream and that I, ME, MYSELF had made them happy.  Sometimes I feel useless.  I feel un-needed.  I feel like if I ran away they wouldn't notice.  Sometimes I feel like my kids love everyone in the world more then me.  But Saturday night after making them ice cream and sitting at the table listening to Codi say, "you are my best mom ever, you made me the best ice cream and I love my best mom ever." I paused.  I smiled and I listened.  Later when I walked by all of my boys on the couch, their bellies full of home made ice cream with big smiles I took a second to capture it.  Becuase I want to be able to look back and remember that they do need me.  They do love me.  I do make them happy.  I need that.  I needed to know that there are times I do more then just yell and pack lunches.  I needed to know that they walked away from me sometimes feeling happy.  

I needed this challenge.  A lot.  With everything going on in my head I can sometimes find reasons to hate myself.  If the challenge was #1000thingswrongwithme I would be at a 1000 in a day.  Finding things good seemed so much more difficult in the beginning but now, now I'm having fun with it.  I'm taking my time.  I'm stopping to freeze it in a photograph and remember it.

Thank you Em.  For starting this.  For sharing it with all of us.  Mostly, thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty I was surrounded by that I never even noticed!

I guess thats why it makes sense that #20 would be this;

‎20. An eye opener #1000thanks

2 thoughts on “#1000thanks

  1. This is a wonderful post. Really inspiring to stop and take a few moments to be grateful. I needed that. Sometimes I’m just too stressed or on the “go”” to care. “


  2. What’s funny is I found out about Emery when BlogHer reconfigured the ad networks and she would show on my headlines – and she is a mutual friend of some of the bloggers I’ve followed for years, lol. This post is spot on, too and you nailed what I’ve been feeling lately with your paragraph about making your family happy!


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