So the problem is…

My husband gets this stupid video game magazine in the mail. This bothers me.



It bothers me because he keeps his magazines in the bathroom.  He used to get Maxim.  I liked Maxim.  I would go in to pee, pick it up, read a page or two and go on my way.  But now.  Oh now I'm stuck with "Gameinformer."

This is the worlds most stupid magazine ever.  


I tried reading it.  I gave it a chance.  I've given two a chance.


There are no girly games in any of these books.  There is never anything about a game I understand like Mario or Astrosmash or Burgertime.

Oh shit wait, those two are Atarie.


That is how far behind I am in video gaming.

He won't let me pay for any magazines so now I'm stuck with this stupid game one.  I'm not the kind of person to leave a book in there to read and any girly magazines I'll read right away on the couch.

I just don't know what to do.  I mean I used to go in, pee, pick up the book and read in the quiet for a second even though I was all done with the bathroom no one else had to know that I was just having a quiet moment.

GAMEINFORMER stole my quiet moment.  There is no hot chicks to look at on the cover either.  Instead I'm stuck looking at some weird purple animated elf looking dude with some kind of whatthefuckisthat weapon in his hand.

I want my Maxim back!

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