Notes from the AMA's

Niki Minaj needs to go away.

Awwww Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez dancing sooo cute.

Mark Anthony has a huge scary vein in his forehead.  Maybe Jennifer left because the vein scared her away.

Also…her ass, is soo much better then him.

Seriously Niki Minaj winning over Lil Wayne….BULLSHIT.

I heart Justin Bieber, even if he is going through that part of puberty where his voice cracks really bad.

I hear Justin and Selena.


Also….wear shoes you can walk in.

Seriously, J-Lo's ass….

The Vanilla Ice flashback; BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Word to your Mutha.

Why do they let Chris Brown on TV?  I am still super mad at him.

I am embarrassed for him listening to him sing song after song about wanting Rhianna back…


I am so spoiled…watching this with commercials is just about killing me. 

Enrique Iglesias is soooo cute. I'd like to squish his cheeks.


I heart Taylor Swift.

Niki Minaj is only winning because Taylor Swift wrote her song (didja know that?).

Oh Katie Perry….you had me until the pink hair.  It's too close to granny pink…not bubble gum pink enough. 

I heart Adam Lambert. 

Okay Katie Perry I take it back…I don't just hate your hair I hate your dress too.

Selena Gomez dress is so pretty and look at her and Justin holding hands SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE.

I so don't understand the Jonas Brothers.

To be continued…..

And I'm back.

But Christina Agulara should go away.

She should take the Moves Like Jagger song with her.

But hottie little Adam can stay.

As long as he never sings that song again.


What kind of shenanigans is the Bachelor trying to pull putting an 80 year old woman on the show?

Also….I hate Christmas music but…ugh, I totally love Justin Biebers song Mistletoe.

Ahahahahaha Mark Anthony isn't even nominated for best Latin artist.  Must be because of the vein.  

And also doesn't he know the world is team J-Lo's ass?

Wait Alanis Morriset still exists?

If you are going to sing about having moves like Jagger YOU SHOULD REALLY LEARN HOW MICK JAGGER DANCES YOU ASS.

Who is that kid sitting in Justin Biebers spot?  Where did my 17 year old boyfriend go?

Oh Gym Class Heros…..Travie, I have plans for you.  Yum-O.

Travie and Adam Levine on stage together….this is too much for my brain to handle.

Why is Drake pretending he is Lil Wayne?


Ahahahahaha look at that white guy dancing behind Niki Minaj…no that doesn't count as dancing. 

Bruno is pretty good but JUSTIN GOT ROBBED.  

Also, whoah Bruno is seriously short!

Will.I.Am I loved your performance.

Adam, take a note from Will.I.Am, if you can't dance like Jagger GET HIM TO DANCE FOR YOU!

Taylor I love you but work on your thank you speeches a little.  

Seriously Lil Wayne won NOTHING?

Taylor why are you thanking Selena right now?  Ahahahahaha you dork.

I don't understand LMFAO at all.  I mean it's catchy but are they just on a mission to see how ridiculous they can be?

Oh God….I just fel that much more in love with Bieber.  Tiger pants AHAHAHAHAHAHAH HE ROCKED IT!


Are these the dancers from that Top Dance Crew show?

Omg they are all wearing tiny booty shorts this is just TOOO MUCH!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Notes from the AMA's

  1. omg-lol. hilarious. I didn’t watch the AMA’s, and now I feel like I am all caught up.
    That Minaj thing…I def don’t get it.
    I don’t actually like your 17 yr old boyfriend, except when I see this one commercial on Mtv online that shows how he came to be famous-from a little youtube video that people went crazy over. Then I like him. Until I see him on Ellen, and then I don’t like him again.
    Enrique…squeee-LOVE him.


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