The banks are conspiring against me

Trying to run errands for work today. First bank only has one lane open. And only one teller in the whole bank. Second bank had a crazy ass line. And the third one? It was surrounded by geese. We all had to honk and wait for the geese to move. I’m sitting here hoping this guy Hurries up because I still have to go to the contractors board and I already know how slow the old lady there is.
I just wanna get this done so I can get back to my desk. Pretend to get caught up and maybe eat breakfast.
I’m working both jobs all week and I work a double Saturday. I have not bought A SINGLE CHRISTMAS PRESENT. Since I’m scheduled to work so much I have. I idea when I will buy presents. So friends I’m giving you a heads up now. You might get presents some time in February.
Also. Am very tired.
Feet hurt.
And I’ve baked over 300 cookies in the last five days. I never want to see another sugar cookie or cookie cutter.
Also again. Am allergic to gingerbread cookie dough. Hands are all red and itchy.
More also. IM STARVING and all I have is lame yogurt. Woe is me.
Email me some jokes or funny stories. I need some giggles please.

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