I really never learn

Three times this week I let my gas tank look like this.  THREE TIMES. 


Wearing neon lime green socks is not acceptable if your shoes don't cover the socks up.  I do this at least twice a week and the looks I get from other mothers at the school when they see my socks are not okay.


I really need to stop doing my nails before catering.  The bleach water strips my polish off in about 2 minutes.  Complete waste of the 30 minutes I spent on this last night.


You would think I would learn that if my puppy suddenly gets an overload of testosterone and starts marking his territory in the house that I should keep him confined to one area.  That way I wouldn't come home from a 16 hour day and cuddle up in bed with soaking wet pee blankets ON MY FACE.  He also peed on the corner of my sons bed, my desk chair, my fake house plant that I love, my husbands snuggle pillow, on the toilet, the laundry basket, and near my sons door.

He got neutered today.

I am still mad at Kim Kardashian over her divorce.  I'm totally team Hump.  I'm sorry but…she's an idiot, and if she knew she was making a mistake THEN FUCKING DON'T DO IT.  I feel horrible for Chris.  Horrible for his pastor and his family.  Becuase of this I deleted every Kardashian related thing off my Tivo because I'm so mad at it.  Correction.  Mad at HER.

I will never learn to say no to work.  I have blisters.  My hands are going numb.  My back hurts.  My leg hurts but I've commited to working two more events this week.

I have not bought a single Christmas present.  I AM FUCKED.


2 thoughts on “I really never learn

  1. I always end up putting on patterned socks, and then just throwing on my mary janes…that are also patterned. It is not a good look.
    Love your nails!


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