Postpartum book depression

I love reading books.  But there has always been one downside. The end of the book.  I have three reasons for hating the end.

1.  I hate when you are super absorbed in a book.  You are dying to get to the end (ahem, Twilight) and you read and read and read until your whole life is wrapped up in a book and then you get to the end and realize it's over.  Now what?  The fantasy you were stuck in is gone.  There is no part 5.  Suddenly you reach the point where you are torn between reading the last ten pages and finally knowing what happens and NOOOOOO if I read those last ten pages then it's all gone forever and I have to find a new book and I WILL MISS EDWARD TOO MUCH.

2. When you know how it ends and you just don't want to read it.  Example: The Steve Jobs book.  I was totally engrossed in that book.  It is an amazing read and I learned a lot.  I was dying to finish it because it was so interesting BUT, I knew finishing it meant he would die again and I didn't want to go through that again.  I was so torn between getting to the end of the book and finding out the next thing he made and getting to the end and knowing Steve Jobs was really gone.

3. The point where you have read all of your books, there are no new books you really want and you find yourself thinking, "shit, if I finish this book then what am I going to read?"  That happens a lot.  When I realize I'm fresh out of books and these last 20 pages are all I have left until something new and fun comes out.  

I just finished Steve's book.  It was a well written, intense, book.  I felt smarter while reading it.  I learned so much stuff that I never knew and I walked away from it feeling like I could own the world if I wanted.  But now, well now what do I read?  Nothing is going to capture me like that for a while.  Nothing seems as interesting.  And my iPad is just sitting there staring at me like, "dude pick something already."  But what?  I downloaded that new book by Nicholas Sparks called, "The Lucky One," but ten pages in and I'm bored.  I know if I give it a chance I will like it but I need something right now that is going to suck me in on page one.  I think I'll end up waiting for the movie on that book (Zach Effron = Hottie McHotpantsyumyum). So until then WHAT DO I READ.  Suggestions people.  Bios.  Love stories.  Romance.  No horror stories. No mysteries.  I prefer love.  

Help me out people.  I'm stuck in a rut and I need a new love story to draw me in!

4 thoughts on “Postpartum book depression

  1. #3 happens to me A LOT! Did you ever read ‘Confessions of a Prairie Bitch’ by Alison Arngrim? She was Nellie Olsen on the Little House TV show. That one was good, I liked it. 🙂 Another one that’s good, ‘Confessions of a Rebel Debutante’ by Anna Fields.


  2. I always have that problem. I get so into a book and then when it ends I feel sad.
    I have a whole range of suggestions.
    If you are looking for another vampire book try Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey.
    Definitely read all of Rosemary Clement-Moore’s books. She’s awesome!
    Also, I wrote a book called In the Spotlight. It’s available through Amazon for .99 currently. 🙂


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