An apple a day

I went to type this on my MacBook Pro but I hadn't plugged it in. I thought of typing it on my iPhone but remembered I had an iPad so I'm typing from that (side note someone please send me a keyboard for this). Today a little part of my life was completed. Our office ordered a Mac Mini. This means my family has owned an original Macintosh, G3, G4, Power PC Mac, iMacs, MacBooks, MacBook pros, original iPod, iPod nano in all sizes, iPod shuffle, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, apple tv, iPad….and now a Mac Mini.

I feel like I'm missing something.

I read Steve Jobs book and what I didn't know was how involved he was with every single aspect of Apple all the way down to hand picking the flooring for the stores. If you take apart an original Macintosh the inside is beautiful. The board was laid out perfectly. No one could open the Mac at that time but he didn't care he wanted everything to be done so pristine that if it was opened people would be wowed by what they saw. When I booted up that little Mac Mini my heart was warm. It started up and I just went right to work.

I cannot imagine a life without Apple.

When I drove to the Apple store today I paid attention to the floor. The color of the walls. All of it. I felt blessed to be a part of something Steve created. I highly recommend his book. He may have been an asshole but he was an asshole who produced amazing user friendly products that I actually love.

If there was a fire after I saved my kids and dog the next thing I would save? EVERY SINGLE APPLE PRODUCT I OWN.

I remembered reading in his book about how Steve was so involved he even designed the packaging to be easily opened and interactive when opened. As I opened the Mini I smiled the whole way. When I lifted it out, under it was a little manual and the words simply read: HELLO How sweet It said hi. It reminded me of the release of the first Mac when Steve said it would introduce its self and suddenly the Mac said, "hello my name is Macintosh."

There aren't a lot of products out there that are designed to make the consumer happy from the moment they receive the box. Steve had incredible work ethic. I took away so much from that book and I think you could too. You would be surprised what you can accomplish if you only allow yourself to believe.

Go, buy this book now. RIGHT NOW Even if you like winblows computers you will still love this book. Especially after reading about what a super douche Gates is.





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