This one goes out to all my office working blogging friends

I want to be nosey for a while.  So please comment below and tell me:

1. When you leave work at the end of the day is your desk clean?  

2. Do you actually finish all of your work at the end of the day?

3. Do you make lists often?

4. If you make lists how do you make them? On paper, an ap, the computer?

5.  How do you schedule stuff? Do you do it on the computer, a desktop calendar or an appointment book?

6. If you leave the office and your desk is clean, is it clean because you stack what is left over into neat little piles or folders or is it clean because you actually finished your work?

7. If you have a job answering phones I'm just dying to know…Do you have a phone voice?


And as an added side note want to know how to make Shannon go into a total panic attack in 3 seconds flat?  Heres how:

Do the companies W-2's, 1099's and quarterly taxes.  

Mail them.

Open the mail box and see a GIANT package from the IRS

Completely panic.  

Total freak out that you messed up the companies taxes, or W-2's or SOME BIG GIANT CLUSTERFUCK OF A MESS.  Panic about telling your boss.  

Get heart palpitations.

Open the envelope.

Discover a very very LARGE stack of papers with instructions.

Realize you are fucked.

Look a little harder and realize they are the FREE 2012 1099's you ordered for this year so you wouldn't have to buy them at the store.

Feel like an asshole.

Slam the mailbox shut.

Get your shit together.


3 thoughts on “This one goes out to all my office working blogging friends

  1. 1. I used to have a desk… then we relocated buildings & the IRS thought it would be better for our unit to have ‘tables’ to share with night shift instead of desks…. hmmm not so much. We can’t keep anything personal on our tables it sucks. It has to be cleared off at the end of the day. We keep our supplies in lockable roll-aways.
    2. Depends on what I’m doing. Not always though. There’s always something unfinished.
    3. For groceries.
    4. My little pink notebook, or in my Memopad app on my Android.
    5. I schedule everything on the calendar in my Android phone because it syncs it to my Gmail calendar. 🙂
    6. See answer #1.
    7. Yep! I definitely have a more professional “phone”” voice.


  2. 1. I always try to clean up my desk before I leave but since I work in a pretty much paperless office there’s just mugs to clean away.
    2. Given the nature of my job-NEVER.
    3. I make lists all the time.
    4. I make lists on my computer.
    5. Schedule things in Outlook and synch it with all mobile devices.
    6. Neat little piles (at least that’s how the office at home with actual paper stuff looks like)
    7. Not working on the phone but was told several times I have a phone voice and a sexy one at that. My first job was in reservations for an airline, developed a phone voice and got asked out because of it quite frequently.


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