While you may enjoy running around outside in the rain and digging in the mud, it might be wise of you to rethink your decision to cover your entire body in mud.  You see Charlie, when you do that you leave little foot prints everywhere.  That means I can see what you've done.  For example, when you go digging in the mud I can now tell that you:

*Ran into the house and back outside about 346 times.  I can tell that 3 of those times you had to make a full loop into the house, through the living room, into the entry, in the kitchen, around the kitchen island and back out the door.

*Jumped on my favorite lounge chair at least 7 times.

*Jumped on the back of my lounge chair.

*The arm rest of my lounge chair.

*Dropped your stuffed elephant behind my lounge chair, jumped behind there to get it, spun in circles, and came out from under my side table.

*Got onto my side table.

*Stepped in the tissue box.

* Stepped back on the side table.

*Jumped on the couch and spun in approximatly 4 circles.  

*Ran up and down the stairs enough to make sure there was at least 4 muddy paw prints on every single stair.

*Pulled the protective blanket off my lounge chair to be sure that all paw prints were on the expensive fabric and NOT on the protective blanket.

*Tried to see what was on the kitchen island (yes, paw prints stick to that)

*Tried to see what was on the dining room table IN THREE SPOTS.

*Ran down the stairs into the laundry room.

*Spun in more circles.

*Jumped up to look out the window.

*Ran in and out about 467 more times.

*Jumped on the coffee table & spun cirlces.

*Stepped on BOTH laptops & the iPad.

* Went up & down the stairs a few more times

*Jumped on the couch two more times just for fun.



All in one hour.  You've been one very busy puppy in one hour.  You should really think about this next time you choose to dig in the mud.  Had you stayed clean I wouldn't have known what you've been up to.  But now, now I'm onto you little puppy.  Next time it rains you will probably spend the entire day crated!


Your very angry mommy who now has to wash every item in her living room.

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