Because no one likes to pee their pants

Blogging will commence when the 104 degree fever goes away and I can cough without peeing my pants, or sneeze without peeing my pants or …. breath without peeing my pants.  


And I'll save you the story about how I finally found cough drops that helped me and how I ate about 87 of them and how then I found out they were sugar free and how….87 sugar free candies can cause you to do more then pee when you cough.  And how if you are the only one at work and the phone rings and the sugar free candies kick in but a customer won't let you off the phone things can get pretty bad pretty fast.  Or what happens when you drive to CVS to buy some Dayquil and then hit a stop light on the way back right when those sugar free cough drops kick in.


Yeah, it's all fun and games over here.

2 thoughts on “Because no one likes to pee their pants

  1. I hope you are feeling better soon! I hate having medicine bladder, it always feels like you have to pee on top of being sick. I feel your pain!
    Get some rest and get back to blogging soon!


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