This kid has priorities

Yesterday Brandon yelled at me for not texting him enough on his iPod.  This morning he came upstairs while I was still in bed (kid wakes up at O'darkthirty) and said he was hungry.  I told him to go back downstairs.  Then I texted him that he could have a donut.  He was really excited that I texted and he even replied back to me.  I heard him run in the kitchen and eat his donut.  I got up and started laying out clothes for the day and putting away some laundry from last night when Brandon texts me again asking me if he can eat the bacon his dad left for him on the counter.  I say yes.  A few minutes later my husband writes me and asks if I saw Brandon's video.  I was confused, I hadn't seen a video yet today.  You see, since Brandon is only six he doesn't text very fast or very good so what he does is record videos of himself talking and then send it to you.  This was my husbands video this morning.  It's short but I can just imagine Brandon spying the bacon, thinking about the bacon, and then finally asking his dad about the bacon.


Brandon wants bacon from wilddreemer on Vimeo.


I think he's pretty cute.  

In other news he's lost two teeth. I don't know how to feel about this.  When he started kindergarten I was fine because kindergarten is still for little kids.  When he went into first grade I panicked a little bit because first grade is an actual grade it's for big kids, he gets hot lunch and home work and I'm not going to lie I freaked out a little that he was growing up.  When he grew into a size 1 shoe my heart dropped.  That was no longer a toddler size.  He was officially a big boy size.  He was officially BOYS section.  No longer kids.  But the thing that tugged on my heart the most was when he lost that first tooth.  Even worse his permanent teeth were already behind it.  This was big.  He was growing permanent boy parts.  His baby parts were falling off.  His smile while cute and toothless screamed I'M NOT YOUR BABY ANY MORE HA HA.  Two days later another one fell out.  I'm crushed.  He has a third loose one and I am not ready for it to come out.  I can't handle how fast he is growing.  He turns seven in August.  He has less then a foot to go before he is taller then me.  He reads and roller skates and ties his own shoes.  I don't even know who this kid is.  Does time slow back down at a certain age?  Will he turn eight and then suddenly it will all slow down again or is time going to continue to fly by at lightning speed?  Will he be sixteen the next time I wake up? 

My toothless little kid.

PS.  The tooth fairy (dad) gave him $5.00 for each tooth.  I think the tooth fairy forgot we are going to have to pay for braces and what about cost of living increases and his little brother now knows when he loses teeth he gets at least $5.00.  This kids mouth is going to bankrupt me just paying out tooth fairy funds!

3 thoughts on “This kid has priorities

  1. Porgie has 2 VERY loose teeth. I am expecting them to fall out any day now. Sad.
    And for the record, she is only getting $1 for each tooth. I am cheap.


  2. I totally hear you on all the big kid stuff. My heart hurts to think how fast mine is growing up and mine will be 8 in December.
    But the same thing happened when he lost his first two teeth, both within a few days of each other too, but the not-baby teeth were already behind it. Now he has 4, yes FOUR, loose teeth right now. Humph.


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