I will not budge

You all know I gave in on the booster seat.  And I gave in on the light up shoes (but only Star Wars ones and only the ones with out the lame plastic looking stickers on the side). I haven't given in on the door locks YET.  But there is on thing I flat out refuse to give in on.

Dear blog friends of mine, I cannot, CANNOT, send my son to school without matching shoes.  His shoes must match his shirt, or his little jacket or something.  I can't let him wear a green shirt with red Star Wars shoes.  I can't let him wear all black with brown shoes.  I can't let him wear a green shirt without his green Converse.  I CAN'T DO IT.  I don't' care if they are only in preschool or first grade and that no one of importance sees them, BUT I SEE THEM.  My husband always says Codi's only in preschool just send him in anything. 


I walk into preschool and see kids with brown pants and a purple polka dotted shirt and yellow light up ugly shoes and a neon orange head band my whole brain implodes.  How did they do that?  My brain can't wrap around non matching things.

Do you remember Rosie from the Jetsons?  She went berserk one day and started cleaning everything saying, "There is a place for everything and everything has a place." Well in my head it is, "There is a shoe for everything and everything has a shoe."  Maybe it's because I have boys and their shoes are just about the only accessory I have but for whatever reason I can't handle sending my kids to school in outfits that don't match.

 I may have given in on the car seat…but on the shoes NEVER!

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