Do they serve beer in little league?

We started rookie ball a few weeks ago.  This year was a lot different then T-ball for one basic reason.  The kids on my sons team are ROTTEN!  Not just a little bit either.  They are just full on bad.  There are four of them.  Last week I got fed up and elected myself dugout mom.  The first game was terrible.  In one hour I had kids climbing the gate separating the dugout from the field, dangling from the hooks on the walls, calling other kids stupid, punching other kids, trying to break other kids bags, kicking kids, calling me stupid, pushing and shoving all over, and screaming mean things to their friends and the other team.  

I didn't know what to do.  I had to separate two kids with a water bottle, move one kid all the way to another side of the bench and more then five times remove one kids hands off of another player. 

I talked to the coach and let him know that the next game I would be talking to parents if the behavior persisted.  He laughed and informed me that the week before the person helping in the dugout got spit on by one of the kids.  He told me that the parents of these four boys don't care at all about their kids behavior.  

I went back in the dugout during the next game and the coach came in and made it known that the kids had to listen to me as if I was a coach.  Things were going really good until I looked over and found A KID IN THE TRASH CAN!  He thought it was funny to hide in the trash and try and scare me.  I only had to pull one kid off the wall and only had to separate kids one time.  At the end of the game I went and talked to the kids parents.  I let them know about the trash, the hitting, spitting, calling stupid, and all around BEING ROTTENNESS!  I also informed the parent that at the next game if I have to talk to the kid more then once I will be removing them from the dugout and they will have to sit with their parents for the rest of the game. 

I felt bad for the dad.  You could tell he's dealt with this a lot and that he has heard this often about his son.  He swears the next game will be better.

We have a game tomorrow too….I'm wondering though, can I drink beer in the dugout?  Might make dealing with these boys easier.

I just want my son to have a fun experience without dealing with all the shenanigans.

2 thoughts on “Do they serve beer in little league?

  1. I can’t even believe you’re asking about drinking beer in a dugout filled with little kids. WAAAAAY inappropriate. This is clearly a case of “fill the aquafina bottle with vodka.”” Or add some to your coke. Or gatorade if you want to be sporty:) Besides… it sounds like you’re gonna need the hard stuff to be able to handle the kids haha”


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