Catering season in full swing

I love catering.  More then catering I love cooking.  And some how I've become my bosses baker, which I thought I would hate but turns out I LOVE TO BAKE!  Let me give you a look into my life the past few days.

Last Thursday: Wake up, get kids ready for school, go to work for thirty minutes, leave work, take kids to school, rush back to work.  Work until 3pm then run to get Brandon from school.  Go back to work.  Work until 4:30 pm.  This is normally when I go home.  But last week I left the office and went to the kitchen and baked until 10:30 at night.

Friday.  Same stuff as above but get off work and go to Brandons baseball game from 5-6:30.  Then have a play date with a friend at ball park until 7:00 pm.  Make dinner.  Don't fall asleep till midnight.  

Saturday: Wake up, go to a baseball game at 8:45-11:00.  Leave game and drive straight to kitchen.  Work until 8:03 at night.  I had a list of stuff to finish.  While there the boss called and added a pan of brownies and a pan of pecan bars.  Most people would be mad to get more work but I was excited she wanted me to do more, it means she trusts me.  Later she showed up and added two pans of baked french toast, three pans of breakfast strata and then dice 45 potatoes and bake them off for mothers day breakfast potatoes the next morning, oh and DON'T BURN THE BACON SHE PUT IN THE OVEN. 

Today was my only day off. My mom and I went to the spa for mothers day and it was amazing.  We got pedicures, went in the steam room, a relaxation room, a hot tub, etc.  Then played in the shower with all of the sugar polish and 6 shower heads.  It was great.  I spent the rest of tonight up making the gift for my kids teacher from the whole class.  It's now 11:30 at night and I'm still awake.  I don't know why.

Here is my next 8 days.

Monday: Work at normal job leave and go straight to kitchen till 10pm.

Tuesday: Work, find a way to cook the snack for baseball that night because it's our turn, then go to baseball game and try and fit in a play date.

Wednesday: Work then go to kitchen until 10pm.

Thursday: Work then kitchen until 10pm.

Friday: Work then go to kitchen to finish up the stuff for a catering that night.  Leave kitchen and go to a large catering event until ….whenever it ends.

Saturday: Head to kitchen at 10am and prep all food for even that day.  Mid day leave kitchen and head to huge catering that will go until really late.

Sunday: Wake up at crack of dawn and head to San Francisco for a Giants game. Then drive home the same night.

Monday: Wake up dead tired from SF trip, go to work, take kids to school, go back to work, pick up kids, come back to work finish the day and head back to kitchen.


So if you guys don't hear from me this week there is a reason I'LL BE DEAD DOG TIRED AND OVER WORKED…But loving every minute of that cooking.


PS here is the teacher gift I'm working on.  

The little yellow cards will house gift cards for the teacher to the local mall here so she spends it ALL ON HERSELF.  The crayons are tied on loosely so they can be removed and donated to the class.  The pencils holding her name can be donated to the class.  The gift cards are held on by colored pencils.  The crayon box to the right has all of the extra crayons, pencils, colored pencils and sharpeners to donate to her class.  The big pink container can be reused to store all of the crayons or other supplies in next year.  Now I'm just hoping I get the other moms to donate toward the gift.  I'm tired now, tonight was my only free night to create it.  What do y'all think?

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