Mucho grande boobies

Right before I went to Mexico my husband was doing a few loads of laundry and some how three of my shirts and two bras got broken.  I found out later that the lint trap had a little build up in it so one side was sticking out causing all of straps to twist around until it snapped.  I purchased two more bras before going but since I'm a DD I can never find bras my size, and on the rare occasion I do they are big ugly utilitarian looking things.   So off I went to Mexico with my ugly ill fitting bras.  

Did I mention that in Mexico they did my laundry for me?  So imagine my sadness when they brought me back my one and only bra BROKEN.  But never fear there was a Walmart down the street I would just buy more. Off I go to Walmart.  But I found myself in what must have been the little kid section because there was not a single bra bigger then a B cup.  I searched high and low and my husband even came digging through bras with me.  Finally I gave up and went to the dressing room to ask for help.  But there is one small problem.  I don't speak Spanish. 

The conversation went like this:

Me: Do you have any bigger bras, like D cups?

Girl: *Blank stare* Doesn't understand English

Me: *Points to bra and says, "mas bigger?"

Girl: Noooo 

Me: Giving up, grabs my boobs, squeezes them upwards and says, MUCHO GRANDE BOOBIES, NEED MAS BIGGER BRA"

Right about the time I'm shaking my boobs around yelling MUCHO GRANDE BOOBIES three other employees walk by and begin staring at me.  At this point I've lost all dignity so I repeat the boob jiggling MAS BOOBIE shouting in hopes of getting help.  No such luck.

Later my mom went to a flea market and proudly came back with a hot pink and neon purple bra in a C cup.  I put them on and I'm pretty sure they were mislabeled because they fit more like a -A.  

I gave up on bras for the rest of the trip.

When I got back to Reno I went all around to find Bras.  I went to "secret" places, and Big Red Dot  places and no one made a DD bra that didn't look like an 80 year old womens bra.  

But then I remembered I had a gift card to Eden Fantasys and I decided to start browsing their bras.

HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. They have so many.  And AND they carry DD AND plus size.  I was in heaven.  They offered all of their beautiful bras in my size, plus size, every size.  All of their lingerie in fact.  I was hooked.  But then I had a problem.  I wanted to know what my husband would like.  So the next thing I know I'm pulling up pictures of women in bras on my computer and taking photos of them, then texting them to my husband to get his approval.  Which would have been fine if later in the night when I was working and showing my boss photos of the present I made my sons teacher I didn't suddenly open up a picture gallery FULL OF WOMEN IN BRAS, PANTIES, CORSETS AND SEXY STOCKINGS.

OH. MY. GOD. KILL. ME. NOW.  I stuttered on trying to find out what in the hell to say to her. She just started laughing at me.  

Anyway here are a few of the beauties I have a crush on currently that come IN MY SIZE IN DD!  

Y'all if you are in the market for incredible good priced bras (the price even includes panties) you need to be shopping here.  I can't wait for my first order to arrive.  I can't wait to place my second order because I realllly need this.

All of the sets I listed above aren't over $40.00 and some as low as $28.00 and it includes EVERYTHING shown (but the stockings)  That is an amazing deal don't you think.  I can't wait to finally stock up on well fitting bras that are also hot as hell for my husband.

4 thoughts on “Mucho grande boobies

  1. I think that’s an extremely good deal, especially considering for plus size/large bras you have to go to Lane Bryant or something and they charge almost $40 just for the bra. I am currently in a weird size (40B… lame) that no one except LB carries, maybe I will check this out!


  2. Ohh hello that stuff is super cute…I always default to Lane Bryant but they definately have limited sexy choices.


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