Didja know…

If you spend the afternoon chasing your baby chickens through the rose bushes trying to get them back in their coop and then spend your evening with your arms in bleach water cleaning a kitchen your arms will hurt for hours.

If you chop 5 cups of red onions and then wipe your eyes YOU WILL CRY.

If your boss has a can opener smarter then you, you will end up with aluminum shards lodged in your hands. (see bleach reference above)

If you grow your nails out really long and pretty you will slice every one of them off no matter how hard you try to tuck them in. You may even slice a cute little hole in one.

But what will for sure will happen is that you will slice a whole finger nail off and bleed all over your bell peppers.

If your boss asks you to MINCE 65 mini mini teeny bell peppers you will become a little stabby by the end of the night.

You can spend over five hours at a kitchen cooking and still not eat dinner.

I can't wait to do it all again tomorrow.

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