How my own stupidity led to the discovery of my most favorite condiment

When we went to Mexico I was worried about one thing.  I don't speak Spanish.  AT ALL.  Not even a little bit.   I can say bathroom, and any word on the Taco Bell menu and that is it.  Luckily a friend told me about a translation ap so when we got to the house I had no trouble at all talking to the cook and people who took care of the house.

The grocery store however was a totally different problem.  You see, I didn't want to pay for cell data while I was in Mexico so unless we were at the house with wi-fi I had no way of using my ap.  I couldn't ask for raisins because I didn't know the word for raisin.  My mom ended up taking a stock boy to the cereal isle, pointing to a raisin on a box of Raisin Brand cereal and finally getting some raisins.

I had no idea if I was buying milk, or cream or what. I bought chicken tenders for Codi.  Chicken tenders that looked exactly like the ones I buy in America. So you can imagine my surprise when I popped them in the microwave for 45 seconds, gave them to Codi and watched him take a giant bite of RAW CHICKEN.

The greatest one of all though was when I bought my husband some hot sauce.  He loves Tapatio.  He loves it like I love chocolate.  When we got to the store that first day I just knew that he would need some Tapatio. 

So I wandered off to the hot sauce isle and found some.  It was in the same shape bottle, with the same shape lid and a similar label but it was written in Spanish.

I proudly carted my hot sauce home to my husband and hid it in the pantry.  When they served dinner that night the staff made sure to set out my hot sauce.

That is when I said just about the dumbest thing I've ever said, EVER!

"Look honey I found you Mexican Tapatio, can you believe they had it but just a different name."

I just looked at me as if I had just declared that I no longer loved Nutella and I never wanted to eat donuts again.

I was confused.

Wasn't he happy I had bought him his most prized Tapatio?

That is when he patiently explained to me that Tapatio in Spanish is T A P A T I O.  I was flabbergasted.  It took me a second and then I was like Joey on Friends when he got the joke 45 seconds later.  Well duh.  Of course it is.  Then I got scared.  What had I just bought.  We all passed the bottle around took a taste and it was like magic had hit my taste buds.  This stuff was amazing.  It wasn't fire on my mouth, it had a nice flavor with a hint of heat.  I was thrilled. 

Since then we have bought nothing but that.  Every time I see it sitting on the table I can't help but laugh at my "Spanish Tapatio."

But I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree because my son just flipped his light switch and when his light didn't turn on he declared that it was, "out of batteries."  I had to explain for the billionth time that if the fan is on, we just pull the string on the fan and turn off the light.  He said, "no it's out of batteries."  I pulled the string, the light turned on and I explained that lights in the ceiling don't have batteries.  Which is when my other son yelled, "yes they do mom because one of my lights is out of batteries."  Turns out one of the bulbs in his ceiling fan burned out….I tried explaining that and as I type he is still arguing that I just need to put in a new battery and the light will turn on again.

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