I'm not sure my hysterectomy was fair to the world

Because I make some really really cute kids.  Think of all the hotties I'm depriving the world of now.

I know that no one likes looking at blogs about how cute other peoples kids are…but I just thought I would comment on the fact that me not having more kids was really doing an injustice to all the little girls in the world.  I mean, now the women of the world are all going to have to fight it out for just two of them.  

Thank God I never had a girl…the men would have never stood a chance against Rob's shotgun.

Not that the women will ever stand a chance against me.  What is it Monica said on Friends, "I'm going to love you so much no woman will ever be good enough for you?"  

That describes me perfectly.

Brandon's already got some 5th grader who has a crush on him and calls him "Peanut."  On one hand OMFGTHATSSOCUTEIWANNADIE.  On the other hand…Oh hell no little girl, dont' be giving my little man any cutesy nicknames.  You are not good enough for him!

2 thoughts on “I'm not sure my hysterectomy was fair to the world

  1. LOoooovved ur writings, and just madly in love with your sense of humour!!! quotable quotes they kind of bcme! looved the write-ups n kids and the catering stuff! il keep cming…or wait! im jst stuck here! ur writing have kinda hand cuffed me here 😉


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