Shit just got real

I woke up today and it's the first day of second grade for Brandon. I'm not sure how this happened. Second grade feels so old. It feels like he suddenly a grown up. Like he will be asking me for the keys to my car tomorrow. The worst part though is this almost seven year old attitude he's developed.

You guys this child puts any teenage girl to shame with his 'tude. (and if my iPhone corrects that word once more it will meet the wall). This morning he was all stompy up the stairs and all, "duh mom," and all, "I know mom you don't have to tell me im not a kid." And there was for sure some behind the back face making (okay maybe that was me).

I was smart enough this time to tell him not to put his shirt on until he finished his breakfast because this child is a professional at finding ways to dirty his clothes. I watched careful as he ate secretly so proud of myself for having the for site to keep his shirt off when I watched him drop a giant glob of egg yolk on his shorts.


Then of course he got in about five fights with his little brother over such important things as,

*Who gets to sit in what chair

*Why is it a problem that Brandon wants to sit on Codi's head

*Argue because one kid is watching TV on how iPod and the other one had the audacity to watch over his shoulder

*Codi looked at Brandon

*Brandon looked at Codi

If you are wondering about me, I'm hiding in the bathroom with a cup of coffee while they fight it out in the kitchen.

Good parenting right here y'all.

Second grade. I'm so not ready for second grade.

*I wrote this on my iPhone. Please excuse spelling errors I don't know how to spell check on here and this stupid phone has a way of sneaking in auto corrected words after I swear I checked it and made sure it was right.

4 thoughts on “Shit just got real

  1. Patty stole my comment. Do you have year round school?
    Second grade definitely seems way older than first. Kind of like how, to me, 7 seems so much older than 6.


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